Monday, July 19, 2010

OpSource Announces Sponsorship of OSCON 2010, O'Reilly's Open Source Convention

OpSource, Inc., the leader in enterprise cloud and managed hosting, today announced that the company is a Silver Sponsor of OSCON 2010, O'Reilly's Open Source Convention, to be held July 19-23, 2010, in Portland, Oregon.

OpSource will be offering hands-on demonstrations of the OpSource Cloud, a cloud service for companies requiring enterprise-class performance as well as high security and control.

"OpSource has a long, rich history with the open source community, and we are excited to continue supporting open source development in the cloud," said Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource. "Many of our partners, such as DreamFace and WaveMaker, have built powerful open source solutions for the OpSource Cloud. We look forward to seeing what will come next."

Joomla to get vendor certification program

Joomla developers are establishing an accreditation program to certify extensions built for the open source content management system (CMS) platform.

Code quality, security, design, usability and accessibility will be tested in the Jentla Software Certification program, named for the Queensland-based Joomla CMS vendor.

Jentla founder Damian Hickey is working with Joomla founder Andrew Eddie on the certification program, Hickey which hopes will build a "brand of trust over specialty Joomla extensions".

Rackspace And NASA doing their bit For Open Source Cloud Platform

Rackspace Hosting has officially launched OpenStack, an open-source cloud platform that it hopes will drive the uptake of cloud apps, prevent vendor lock-in and encourage cloud interoperability.

Currently the second largest provider of cloud hosting services, Rackspace has donated the source code that powers its Cloud Files and Cloud Servers public-cloud offerings to the OpenStack project. NASA is also donating code, and vendors including Citrix and Dell are supporting the project.

Speaking to eWEEK Europe UK, Fabio Torlini, head of Cloud EMEA at Rackspace, said that the announcement is a win for Rackspace and a win for the industry. “At the moment, we have just short of 100,000 cloud customers,” Torlini said. “Essentially, we have three cloud products, the first of which is Cloud Files, which is a cloud storage platform that already has 1 petabyte of data.