Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009.06 (Free and Opensource)

OpenSolaris is an open source operating system based on Sun Microsystems' Solaris. It is also the name of the project initiated by Sun to build a developer and user community around it. OpenSolaris is derived from the Unix System V Release 4 codebase, with significant modifications made by Sun since it bought the rights to that code in 1994. It is the only open source System V derivative available. Open sourced components are snapshots of the latest Solaris release under development. Sun has announced that future versions of its commercial Solaris operating system will be based on technology from the OpenSolaris project.
OpenSolaris's HOMEPAGE: Opensolaris
OpenSolaris's TYPE: (Free and Opensource)
OpenSolaris's DOWNLOAD: Open solaris 2009.06 x86
OpenSolaris's SIZE: 676.98 MB
OpenSolaris's GOOGLE HITS: 8.9 Millions +
Open Solaris 2009.06 Release Notes

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 43

Avant Browser is a freeware web browser from a Chinese programmer named Anderson Che, which unites the Trident layout engine built into Windows (see Internet Explorer shell) with an interface intended to be more feature-rich, flexible and ergonomic than Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). It runs on Windows 98 and above, including Windows Vista. Internet Explorer version 6, 7 or 8 must be installed.Avant Browser is currently available in 41 languages.Avant Browser 11 (build 25 released on October 23, 2006), introduces more new features than any previous iteration. These include support for many toolbars that are compatible with IE, a facility for users to create their own scripted toolbar buttons, and a password and form-filling wizard. The overall trend though seems to be a gradual movement away from Avant's IE roots.
AVANT's HOMEPAGE: www.avantbrowser.com
AVANT's TYPE:(Freeware)
AVANT's DOWNLOAD:Avant 11.7 Build 43
AVANT's GOOGLE HITS: 2.36 Millions +