Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SuperAntiSpyware 4.31.1000 (Freeware)


SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS) is a software application distributed as shareware which can detect and remove spyware, adware, malware, trojans, rogue software, worms, rootkits, parasites and other potentially harmful software applications, as well as restore modified system settings. It can detect malware, however it is not designed to replace an antivirus software.SUPERAntiSpyware is updated several times a week, normally daily or every 2–3 days.SUPERAntiSpyware generally receives a build update every 2–3 months.It is specifically designed to be compatible with other security applications, and therefore can be used with Real-Time protection on even with other applications which are often incompatible with antispywares, such as Kaspersky. It uses only around 500KB of RAM when idle, while protecting.BootSafe, a program that facilitates booting into Safe Mode, is included.A stripped down version named SUPERAntiSpyware Personal Edition is also available in SUPERAdBlocker, an ad-blocking product from the same developers as SUPER AntiSpyware.

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SuperAntiSpyware's TYPE: (Freeware)
SuperAntiSpyware's DOWNLOAD: SUPER AntiSpyware 4.30.1004
SuperAntiSpyware's GOOGLE HITS : 1.5 Millions +

WinZip 14.0.8688 (Shareware)

WinZip is a proprietary file archiver and compressor for Microsoft Windows, developed by WinZip Computing (formerly Nico Mak Computing). It natively uses the PKZIP format but also has various levels of support for other archive formats.WinZip was created in the early 1990s as a shareware GUI front-end for PKZIP. Sometime around 1996 the creators of WinZip incorporated compression code from the Info-ZIP project, thus eliminating the need for the PKZIP executable to be present.From version 6.0 until version 9.0, registered users could download the newest versions of the software, enter their original registration information or install over the top of their existing registered version, and thereby obtain a free upgrade. As of version 10.0 this upgrade scheme was discontinued.WinZip is available in standard and professional versions.
WinZip has a 45-day free evaluation period, after which the program would still work even if the user had not registered, albeit with reduced functionality. However in later versions this feature appears to have been removed, although users are able to bypass this by downloading an earlier version.

WinZip's TYPE: (Shareware)
WinZip's DOWNLOAD: WinZip14
WinZip's SIZE: 13.78 MB
WinZip's GOOGLE HITS : 11 Million +

Google Chrome Beta (Open Source)

Google Chrome is a web browser released by Google which uses the WebKit layout engine and application framework. Google Chrome was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2 2008, and the public stable release was on December 11 2008. Google Chrome name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or "chrome", of web browsers. As of 1 November 2009 (2009 -11-01), Chrome was the fourth most widely used browser, with 3.58% of worldwide usage share of web browsers.Development versions of Chrome for Linux and Mac OS X were released in June 2009.

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Google Chrome's TYPE: (Open Source)

Google Chrome's DOWNLOAD: Direct Download from FH
Google Chrome's SIZE: 11.69 MB
Google Chrome's GOOGLE HITS: 24 millions+