Monday, November 23, 2009

MediaMonkey (Freeware)

MediaMonkey is a digital media player and media library application developed by Ventis Media Inc., for organizing and playing audio on Microsoft Windows operating systems. By using plugins, it can be extended to handle video and other media formats as well. MediaMonkey is available in a free version as well as a paid version ("Gold" license). In addition, skins, extension scripts, and plugins are supported. MediaMonkey uses SQLite to manage its database.


TYPE: (Freeware)
DOWNLOAD: MediaMonkey

SIZE: 7.44 MB

GOOGLE HITS: 1.5 Millions +

AntiVir Personal (Non-Commercial Freeware)

Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus is a reliable free antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs such as viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, hoaxes, worms, dialers etc.AntiVir  monitors every action executed by the user or the operating system and reacts promptly when a malicious program is detected.

TYPE: (Non-Commercial Freeware)
DOWNLOAD: AntiVir Personal
Download from FH
SIZE: 28.48 MB
                                            GOOGLE HITS: 5 Millions +