Monday, December 28, 2009

The Gimp 2.6.7 (Open Source)

GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free software raster graphics editor. Gimp is primarily employed as an image retouching and editing tool, in addition to offering freeform drawing, GIMP can accomplish essential image workflow steps such as resizing, editing, and cropping photos, combining multiple images, and converting between different image formats. GIMP can also be used to create basic animated images in the GIF format. GIMP is entirely suitable for amateur or professional work with images intended for viewing on monitors and printing on inkjet printers.
Gimp's TYPE: (Open Source)
Gimp's DOWNLOAD: Gimp 2.6.7
Gimp's SIZE: 17.39 MB
Gimp's GOOGLE HITS: 13.9 Millions +